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​Our team of professional Los Angeles electricians offer all around services for your all your electrical needs.

panel upgrade

Panel Upgrade

If you have to keep resetting your breakers, chances are you need a panel upgrade. 911 Electric has you covered.

dedicatd circuits

Dedicated Circuits

A dedicated circuit helps ensure appliances that draw lots of power do not disrupt other appliances or lights in your commercial building.

interior lighting

Interior Lighting

Does your store, restaurant, or office need additional lighting? 911 Electrics can add any type of light fixture anywhere in your commercial building. 

parking lot lighting

Parking Lot Lighting

Having lights in your parking lot can increase safety. 911 Electrics has all the necessary equipment and experience to install parking lot lights.  

ethernet wiring

Ethernet Wiring

Ethernet cables are a very convenient way to transfer data efficiently throughout your store, restaurant, office, or any other commercial building. 

electrical troubleshooting

Electrical Troubleshooting

Our electricians can figure out any problem with electricity and will give you the most honest solution, even if it means losing the gig. 

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